Get on your bike and explore the Moselle!

Cycling is one of the best ways of exploring the Moselle. So why not give it a go on this river that provides a border for three countries! There are literally miles of cycling paths with terrain suitable for cyclists of all levels. What’s more, there are plenty of places to stop off!

Although this summer will be unlike any other, that’s no reason to let it slip by without doing anything! In fact, it’s a great opportunity to explore the many different things Luxembourg has to offer. After all, how many other countries do you know which, in such a confined space, provide opportunities for strolls in vineyards, visits to medieval castles, tours of globally acclaimed museums, hikes through landscapes with tortured geology, and so much more? This is no time to be picky – let’s make most of our environment!

The Luxembourg Moselle is without question one of the country’s gems. Although not very long, spanning just 42 km between Schengen and Wasserbillig, it never gets boring. The river has two sides to it – the wide southern valley, where it flows past the Remerschen lakes, and the narrower northern section hemmed in by limestone cliffs. Cycling provides the best means of appreciating this. 

If you don’t have your own bike or you’d rather hire one on spec (or even loan an electric bike), make a beeline for Rent A Bike Miselerland (Tel.: +352 621 21 78 08,, There are eight stations along the river.

If what you want is a nice, relaxing ride, just follow the river. That way, you’ll at least avoid any hills! Then, just cross one of the border bridges in Schengen, Remich, Wormeldange or Grevenmacher and switch to the other bank if you prefer not to retrace your steps on the return leg. 

Climbing the vineyard trails that lead to the statue of Saint Donat on the Felsberg (Wintrange) or Koeppchen chapel in Wormeldange is well worth the effort!

Fitter cyclists may prefer to give their legs a good workout to get better views of the landscape. Climbing the vineyard trails that lead to the statue of Saint Donat on the Felsberg (Wintrange) or Koeppchen chapel in Wormeldange is well worth the effort! Spectacular views await those who scale the heights overlooking the lock in Stadtbredimus or the edge of Grevenmacher if you’re cycling from Déisermill.

Numerous themed circular routes of between 15 to 130 km are also available, adding a touch of variety. The Pomarium tour showcases the area around the river (Manternach, Berbourg, etc.), the Vinum tour takes you through vineyards (Ehnen, Greiveldange, Remich, etc.), and the Romanum tour focuses on Roman sites (Dalheim/Ricciacus, Bech-Kleinmacher). In contrast, the Luxembourg Tour (130 km) provides an overview of the region, following the course of the Moselle, before heading deeper into Luxembourg towards its capital city. Also available are the France Tour (110 km), which follows the Moselle over the border, with a return leg via Fort Hackenberg and Malbrouck Castle, and the Germany Tour (120 km) through the Moselle and Saar valleys. All the maps are available from tourist offices (Schengen, Remich, Grevenmacher, Mertert, etc.) and online (

In August, a special initiative announced by François Bausch, Minister for Mobility and Public Works, and Tourism Minister, Lex Delles, will see sixteen sections of road throughout Luxembourg closed to all traffic except cyclists, residents and buses. This includes the road from Mondorf to Ellange in the Moselle region. After cycling this section of road between the spa town of Mondorf and Ellange, cyclists can then take Cycle Path 7 to Remich or Cycle Path 11 heading towards Luxembourg City.

It would be a shame to cycle all those miles without visiting some local tourist spots. Getting of your bike to enjoy a drink at one of the Moselle wine estates’ many wine bars is an essential part of the experience!  It would also be a pity to miss out on a visit to the aquarium in Wasserbillig, the butterfly garden in Grevenmacher, the A Possen Museum (set in old winemakers’ houses), the magnificent Biodiversum in the heart of the Remerschen lakes, the Mediterranean garden in Schwebsange, or the European Museum in Schengen. You may also want to try out a “Lauschtour” – a guided tour that you can download onto your smartphone (in French, Luxembourgish, German and English). A selection of these is available, allowing you to visit Remich, Grevenmacher, Dalheim, the spa park in Mondorf, or the Manternacher Fels hiking trail at your own pace, or even take a cruise on the Moselle, ideal for resting tired legs after a long bike ride!

Top tips

The Visit Moselle Regional Tourist Office and the region’s hoteliers have joined forces to promote a variety of special offers this summer. Accommodation, gourmet meals and sporting activities are all available at discounted rates. All offers can be found at

The participating hotels are: Hôtel L’Écluse in Stadtbredimus, Hôtel L’Esplanade, Hôtel Suma and Domaine de la Forêt in Remich, Hôtel du Parc in Mondorf, Hôtel Mercure Kikuoka in Canach, and the youth hostel in Remerschen.

Your luggage will be hot on your heels!

Touring Luxembourg will never have been easier than during this summer since Tourism Minister Lex Delles’ announcement at the end of June that the new luggage forwarding service will be free of charge throughout the year. Whether you’re travelling by bike or walking, a tourist or Luxembourgian resident, your bags can be forwarded to your overnight accommodation, which may be a hotel, youth hostel, holiday cottage or any other type of rental. Bookings can be made 24/7 until midnight of the day prior to the date on which you wish to forward your luggage ( either online or by telephone (+352 28 10 888). The website is available in French, English, German and Dutch, and booking agents speak Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.


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