Quality wines on offer at Vinoteca

This wine store in the heart of Luxembourg City has set itself the task of representing virtually all the estates in the Luxembourg Moselle region. However, even this doesn’t fully do it justice, as it also supplies a large international range.

Vinoteca is an institution! This shop in the heart of the Old Town at the top of Rue du Fossé on the Place du Théâtre exhibits impeccable taste in the extremely stylish and harmonious way it displays its quality wines. Moreover, it is one of the top stockists of Luxembourg wine, with almost 200 items in its range. Virtually all the estates in the Luxembourg Moselle region are represented, a challenge it has met since it first opened, out of a genuine desire to pay due tribute to local winemakers rather than just empty posturing. 

Its team of sommeliers, which includes Arnaud Vaingre, is perfectly equipped to offer advice, which you will certainly need, since Vinoteca stocks a total of 3,000 wines from around 30 countries, so there’s plenty of potential for some great discoveries! Moreover, the shop has become the go-to supplier for old vintages.

Its founders, Guy Tabourin and his wife Doris, are clearly passionate about wine. A natural born entrepreneur, Guy started his career in the media before branching out into food service. He was the man behind Chiggeri (Rue du Nord), a restaurant that opened in 1995, and has since become famous for its vast list of excellent wines. Later, in 2006, he opened Apoteca, a stone’s throw from the Grand Ducal Palace.

Vinoteca was set up in 2000, focusing initially on selling wine to restaurants, with the emphasis subsequently shifting to private customers. The company opened its first shop in Kirchberg before later relocating to Hollerich. The current store began trading in 2014 in the capital’s most upmarket district. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking it offers an elitist selection. Here, it’s much more about the nice little estates that take time to seek out rather than the flashy major labels.

When the situation improves, Vinoteca plans to resume its tasting sessions (maximum 10 people). Although themes are generally set by the sommeliers, there’s nothing to stop you from suggesting your own if the wine range covers it … which leaves you plenty of scope, especially since sessions can be held in Luxembourgish, French, English, German or Italian!

Vinoteca on the corner of Côté d’Eich/Rue du Nord in Luxembourg City. Open 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday. Tel.: +352 26 68 38 43. Email: Facebook: Vinoteca Luxembourg. Instagram: vinoteca_lu.


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Quality wines on offer at Vinoteca

This wine store in the heart of Luxembourg City has set itself the task of representing virtually all the estates…


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