The Moselle’s finest wines

Journalist and experienced wine taster, Claude François, has published the second edition of his VinsLux guide to the finest Luxembourgish wines. It’s a must for all existing … and indeed future lovers of wine made in Luxembourg!

He is one of the most passionate advocates of Luxemburgish wines. Claude François, journalist and past chief editor of the magazine Télécran, constantly trawls the Luxembourg Moselle in search of its finest vintages. This tireless wine taster and expert on the Bordeaux region, who also provides input for the Terroir section of Vinorama, has made it his mission to share his passion for fine wines, particularly those produced in the Grand Duchy.

In pursuit of this goal, he recently published the second edition of his VinsLux guide – vintage 2020/2021. It is the perfect companion to the free VinsLux app (available from the App Store and Google Play), which provides a comprehensive list of tasting notes, while the guide focuses on five wines per estate. In his view, these are the five wines that most faithfully reflect the various winemakers’ personalities. These intentionally unscored reviews are accompanied by brief background texts on the men and women who make wine in Luxembourg.

The guide also features a series of introductory articles placing these wines in the context of the Luxembourg Moselle. Diversity of grape varieties, terroirs and wine types (still wines and crémants, whites, rosés, reds, late-harvest wines, straw wines, etc.), the inexorable rise of organic wines, top gourmet restaurants on the Moselle offering good selections of local wines … the guide is a mine of information for amateurs wishing to find out more about Luxembourgish wines, and also connoisseurs in search of new gems.

What’s more, the entire 260-page guide is trilingual (French, English and German). Photos come courtesy of Guy Krier, winner of numerous international awards. Anyone who has bought the book can also enter a competition (with monthly prize draws), due to take place between December 2020 and June 2021. The main prize, a wine ageing cellar, will be drawn in June 2021 from among all the entrants to previous draws.

VinsLux Guide 2020/2021, 260 p., €19.50
Available to order at


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