Arnaud Vaingre La Vinoteca Luxembourg

Maison Viticole Schmit-Fohl 2017 Ahn Vogelsang Riesling, by Arnaud Vaingre (La Vinoteca)

domaine Schmit-Fohl Ahn riesling Ahn Vogelsang 2018 Moselle Luxembourg

Arnaud Vaingre, La Vinoteca (Corner Côte d’Eich – Rue du Nord, in Luxembourg City)

“Armand really loves his terroir, and above all else he wants to let the soil talk. When he makes wine he tries to intervene as little as possible so as to allow the grape’s identity to emerge as fully as it can. So it is hardly surprising that he started to switch his vineyard over to organic this year. This Riesling has backbone, it is structured with white fruit and a few hints of citrus fruit and lemon peel. A no-fuss Riesling from the Moselle, which you can enjoy drinking time and again!”

Price: 12.30 Euros at La Vinoteca.


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