Tristan Duval La Provençale meilleur sommelier du Luxembourg 2016

Henri Ruppert, 2017 Muschelkalk, by Tristan Duval (La Provençale)

Domaine Henri Ruppert Muschelkalk 2017 Moselle Luxembourg

Tristan Bernard, 2016 Best Sommelier in Luxembourg, La Provençale Wine and Spirits Section Manager (Grasbusch Industrial Area in Leudelange).

“This particular Muschelkalk wine is available exclusively at La Provençale as we created it together with Henri Ruppert last June. We thought about everything: from the blending, which we worked on for a long time, to the label which was designed by one of our graphic designers. We wanted to make a fresh, accessible wine that has tension. Its nose has notes of lemon and citrus fruits. On the palate, this is a lively, mineral wine with almost a hint of saltiness. My advice is to drink it as it is for an aperitif, or with ceviche, scallop carpaccio, salmon tartare or steamed white fish. It also pairs extremely well with Asian dishes.”

Price: 9.50 Euros. This is a wine primarily for fine dining restaurants, but it is also on sale in the La Provençale Vinothèque.


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