Yohann Nguyen

Domaine Laurent & Rita Kox, Kvevri Riesling 2015

Yohan Nguyen, Best Sommelier of Luxembourg 2018, Vinissimo (1, rue Raiffeisen, Luxembourg)

“This Riesling is produced in a qvevri (kvevri), a Georgian winemaking amphora, buried in the garden at the estate [read Vinorama no. 1]. I love bold winemakers, especially when they achieve very beautiful results, as here. The skin maceration [the grapes are poured whole into the qvevri] brings complexity, strength and a slight tannicity. With its framework, its purity and its striking minerality, the longevity of this wine is massive: at least ten years, and doubtless far longer. And for a major Riesling for fine dining, it is truly affordable. I would serve this wine with fillets of red mullet placed on a rhubarb compote with, between the two, a very fine bed of foie gras.”

Price: 18 euros (from the winery)

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