Domaine Henri Ruppert, Pinot Noir Barrique 2017

By Arnaud Vaingre, La Vinoteca (Corner Côte d’Eich – Rue du Nord, in Luxembourg City).

Henri Ruppert is one of those winemakers focused resolutely on excellence and attention to detail, who meets the challenge of channelling the terroir – his terroir. Since the 90s, he has managed this family estate, which is a past master of making wine in barrels, adding another dimension to local production. His Pinot Noir Barrique is the most “accessible” item in the barrel-matured range and embodies this winemaking prowess. In three words, it is refined, quaffable and elegant. Its bouquet is frank and charming, its texture smooth in the mouth, and the spices offer impressive finesse. One could go as far as to say that it is reminiscent of a Burgundy and is by no means a Pinot Noir to be served chilled outdoors. The rather light barrel adds just what is needed in terms of complexity and wood aromas without spoiling the wine.

The estate building overlooking the Moselle in Schengen is an architectural gem that literally jumps out from among the vines and features on all the labels. Make sure you visit the estate. The owners are sure to give you a warm welcome, showing their hospitality and passion for their products, those qualities we love so much in our winemakers.

€18.50 at Vinoteca.


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