Domaine Alice Hartmann, 2009 Sélection du Château 3 Etoiles Pinot Noir

“Alice Hartmann only produces this outstanding Pinot Noir in the best years. I discovered this vintage some time ago and was fortunate enough to repeat the experience two years ago. Once again, it hit me full force – it was like being frozen in time. Its nose is textbook Pinot Noir with kirsch, cloves, etc. Due to very low yields, it has achieved exceptional concentration. Its texture is very smooth with soft tannins and its aromas are complex and persistent. Its lengthy maturation in barrels is perfectly managed – whatever the vintage, there are never any pronounced wood flavours and it can be kept for long periods. As an accompaniment to this wine, which presents no major difficulties in terms of pairing, I would recommend the Clairefontaine’s signature dish – fattened Bresse chicken cooked in a bladder with Albufeira sauce (a reduction of foie gras, cream, port and truffles) served with mashed potatoes and black truffles.  It’s a perfect match!

Julien Codet is the sommelier at Clairefontaine, 9 place Clairefontaine in Luxembourg City.

Price : 30,50 euros (millesime 2018, sold out).


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