Clos des Rochers, 2011 Grevenmacher Groärd Riesling

“I love this Riesling, which is both powerful and elegant! Antoine Clasen (editor’s note: CEO of Caves Bernard Massard, which also makes Clos des Rochers) has delivered a wine in my favourite style. I like its expressiveness and its almost saline minerality. This high-class Riesling proves that Groärd is a supreme limestone terroir, with soil capable of producing more supple wines than those grown in countries with shaly soils like Germany. It is meticulously matured in foudres (editor’s note – very large casks). I often say that Groärd is Luxembourg’s answer to Corton, since you have to wait at least ten years to drink these wines. Only then can you begin to appreciate their depth. I recently opened a 2011 vintage, which proved this outstanding laying-down potential beyond any doubt.”

Niels Toase, the 2014 Best Sommelier of Luxembourg, teaches at the Luxembourg School of Hospitality and Tourism in Diekirch.

Price : 30,50 euros (millésime 2017)


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