2018 Domaine Clos des Rochers, Pinot Gris, Grevenmacher Fels.

Thibaut Desfoux, sommelier at the Café Bel-Air (99 Val Sainte-Croix, Luxembourg).

“Due to its exposure, the “Fels” is one of the best parcels in the Grevenmacher area. This Pinot Gris’s nose is fresh and elegant with citrus notes and a lemony edge. Subtle minerality is also evident due to the chalky subsoil. In the mouth, the attack is lively and pleasant and the citrus element of the nose emerges with a hint of sweetness, which gives this wine a lot of charm. Its length is good and the finish is characterised by a hint of acidity, which provides a welcome touch of dynamism. There is no doubt that this is a gastronomic wine. I would gladly drink it as an aperitif or with a hard, fruity cheese such as a comté.”

Prix : 12,48 euros at the estate.




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